What Steps Are You Taking to Grow?

Angela-J-FordGuest writer Angela J Ford is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Lifestyle Coach who enjoys inspiring individuals to take action to achieve their ideal lifestyle. She resides in Nashville, Tennessee, where she enjoys sports and music when not reading and writing. You’re most likely to find her sipping a white chocolate mocha at a local coffee shop, trying out the latest and greatest in technology or working on her next book. Always happy to hear from other she looks forward to meeting from you! Stop by her site or any social media platform to leave her a note! You can read more of her work on her blog.


Were you a know it all when you were younger up? Or maybe you had a friend, sibling or acquaintance who felt they knew everything! I was like that. When graduating from high school I thought I knew it all. I felt smart, wise and firm in my values and convictions. However, moving 268 miles away from home and going to a private university was quite a culture shock and eye-opener for me, especially because I was home schooled for eleven years.

Slowly the strings of knowledge unraveled, and as I was exposed to a variety of personalities, options, and classes, I began to realize the enormity of what I don’t know. It was in philosophy class during a discussion about Socrates I discovered the more I learn, the more I understood how little I know. And it continued! When beginning my first full-time job, it hit me like a ton of bricks: college is only an introductory course for life!

Learning and growing is constant. It doesn’t end once you leave the world of formal education, whether it’s high school, a college degree or even a Ph.D. After formal education comes the school of life, and now it’s up to you to be deliberate about your personal development. For ten years, I worked for other people in daycares, medical centers, universities, spas, and software.
But with a college degrees the requirements changed, forcing me to step up my game and continue to learn and grow. It was a priority because I had dreams and goals, I desired to move up quickly in the world of business. Staying stagnant was not an option, which is way having a vision for where you want to be in your career as well as your personal life is essential.

But there is a catch!
You have to be responsible for putting what you learn into practice. If you’re interested in cultivating streams of revenue and freelancing full time or growing your business; it’s important to get started. Starting allows you to go through the learning process. For example as a child when you began walking, you didn’t get it right on the first try. When you started riding your bike, sure, you fell a couple of times. Right? But, as you kept practicing and learning, you became better at walking, running and bicycling. Now that you’re advanced, it’s a no-brainer! It’s the same with building your skill set. Search for someone you admire in your field and learn as much as possible from them. Read their blogs, listen to their podcast, subscribe to their newsletter. Learn. Grow and put into practice what you have learned. Yes, you may fail at first, but failure is a stepping stone to success.