It’s Okay to Love Your Boring Job

I love BuzzFeed. They dig into why humans are the way they are. In the case of this video, they are finding a great truth. It’s okay to love your job, no mater how uncool, unorthodox, etc it might be. So own it. Be proud of it. Would you rather have a million dollars on your death bed, or a life of happiness and fulfillment?

There are two questions you must ask yourself when you are wondering about your vocation, and you should do this every day. This makes sure that you are evaluating yourself on your worst days, when you are most likely to be open to change.

1) Would I keep doing this job, even if I never took another vacation?

Yes, vacations are awesome, and necessary for a work-life balance. But the purpose of your vacation should be to give your brain a rest, the chance to relax, replenish and reboot. It should not be to “escape” from your job, your coworkers, or the daily life you have conditioned yourself to endure. That is not a happy life! So, ask yourself this question every morning: “If I were to never take another vacation day, under any circumstance, would I still enjoy what I do for a living?” If the answer is no, it’s time to start exploring some options.

2) Aside from a paycheck, why did I get up this morning?

The answer should not be, ‘Because that’s when my boss says to be there.’ If you hate fighting traffic, but you do it every day, if you love the days that you get to stay home, but have to go into the office everyday (because of that company policy), ….you see where I’m going with this. Why did you really get up this morning?

Ask yourself these questions every single day. The answers will help you figure out what you are looking for in your life. I hope it will constantly be an answer that will give you excitement about what you do. But if the answer disturbs or upsets you, don’t worry. It’s okay to love your boring job. That’s what this blog is here for. You can find that passion in your life.